Koike lab. -creative office- とは

Koike lab. – creative office – は岐阜県中津川市の写真家兼業農家です。


そのために、Agri dep.(農業部門)では安心安全で美味しい野菜を安定的につくるための無農薬有機栽培に挑戦。Photo dep.(写真部門)では農業の面白さ・美しさを撮り残すと同時に、様々な人生を写しています。


Koike lab. – creative office – is a photographer part-time farmers, Gifu Prefecture Nakatsugawa – JAPAN.
The theme of “the basics of life in agriculture, add value to life in the photography”.

Our dream is to run a nice cafe gallery drink snacks and delicious coffee made with homemade vegetable in Nakatsugawa, be it in a variety of warm place people living is such as to location.

For the dream…

Agri-dep. is in challenging the safety and security and delicious vegetables to pesticide-free organic cultivation for making the stable.

Photo-dep. leave the beauty of the agriculture in the photography, it takes a variety of life.


Koike lab. – creative office –
〒509-9131 岐阜県中津川市千旦林1568-45 
Tel & Fax : 0573-67-8162

mail : info@koike-lab.com
HP : http://koike-lab.com
Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/koikelabinfo


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